Samee’s Fish Bazaar retail store offers top quality food products at the lowest possible prices. We specialise in a huge variety of foods and ingredients from an assortment of continents.

Services offered at Samee’s Fish Bazaar incudes:Samee's retail
Halal Butchers – Our Halal butchers are fully trained, serving fresh chicken, fish and meat.
Frozen Products – Our store stocks a vast range of frozen items for your every need
General Household Goods – Our store offers a variety of household goods such as kitchenware and cleaning products.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – We stock a huge range of fresh fruits and vegetables sourced locally.
Groceries – Samee’s Fish Bazaar offer a huge range of groceries such as powders, flours, rice, pickles and pastes, with products from Asia, The Far East and other places.
Qurbani Services – Samee’s Fish Bazaar are now offering Qurbani to help you celebrate Eid al-Adha.